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Earthquest Minerals is a family-operated business run by us, Jake and Dana Harper.
EQ minerals has been in business since 1996, happily providing quality, AFFORDABLE Rock, Mineral and Lapidary
specimens at Rock shows throughout California.

Jake & Dana

Well, here we are in our "backyard"-- the Mokelumne River Canyon,
deep in the the heart of California's Motherlode Gold Country.
We've lived here for over 20 years now and still believe that it is one
of the most beautiful places on earth!


This B&W photo was taken back in the old days.
One of our very first indoor shows!


Here was a great day at the Grizzly Ridge Quartz Mine!
Our  friends John and Cathy French forced us to work all day long in the
sweltering heat removing one giant Quartz Crystal after another...hmm,
Sure do wish we had more friends like them!


Taking a break at the Comstock Amethyst dig outside Virginia City, Nevada.
The Crystals from this locality are not abundant but can be quite extraordinary at their best.
The view of the high desert from here is certainly worth the trip alone!


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