Item# USM-60


Sweetwater Mine
(Milliken Mine; Frank R. Milliken; Blair Creek; Ozark Lead Company Mine; Adair Creek; Logan Creek),
Ellington, Viburnum Trend District,
Reynolds County, Missouri

SIZE: 13" x 9"        PRICE: $1200.00

Description:   A large,  dramatic, museum sized crystal group of calcite crystals from the world renowned Sweetwater mine in Missouri. The specimen exhibits sharp,  lustrous  scalenohedral crystals to over 4" which have a two toned color ranging from white bases to yellow at the terminations. The piece was collected by Pat G. Cullen in 1979. Pat was a geology student back in the day when working mines allowed an enthusiastic youngter with the collecting bug to run around in the mines digging mineral specimens!  This  beautiful specimen weighs over 18 pounds and was the pride of Pat's collection for over 36 years. It  is certainly clear to see why from the images!