Item# E-52


Luputo Mine,
Democratic Republic of Congo

Size: 13.5 x 9cm

Price: $200.00

Description:   These very attractive specimens from the Luputo Mine made a big splash many years ago, and then quickly disappeared from the market. They are quit unique as far as we know in terms of the paragenesis. Specimens began as large, bladed crystals of azurite, which over time pseudomorphed to malachite and then finally, were artfully replaced again by a deposition of brilliant turquoise blue colored chrysocolla. The chrysocolla is in the form of tiny, brilliant acicular crystals that are beautiful under the magnification. This large cabinet specimen is in great shape and the largest "blade" measures 2.5cm. Malachite can be seen "poking out here and there and the deep brown matrix adds an intense color contrast. A very fine, colorful specimen that displays well in several different positions.