Item# M-241


Ratzenkehle, Riental,
Canton Uri, Switzerland
Former Bob Olson/ Robert Chisholm collection 1930's, 40's
Former Minerals Unlimited stock, Scott J. Williams (1924-1997)

SIZE: 5 1/4" x 3"             PRICE: $250.00

Description:  A few years ago we purchased a collection of antique minerals from the collection of Bob Olson. Bob had purchased the collection himself a few years earlier from the estate of Robert Chisholm , a collector from the 1930's and 40's. The specimens were housed in hand built depression era cabinets and were "loosely" cataloged. Each specimen filled a compartment within the cabinets and all of them rested on top of their accompanying labels. After much time cleaning the pieces and properly preserving all of the old labels we are finally ready to offer some of the collection for sale here.

This specimen comes from the old dealer stock of Scott J. Williams (1924-1997) and by the looks of the label, is very old indeed. The piece consists of several lustrous quartz crystals and crystal sections that are included with green chlorite with a few Anhydrite casts on a shist matrix which has a ground or sawn base. Old swiss specimens like this in large cabinet size are rare objects these days.
Scott Williams