Item# PE-5


Santa Rita Mine,
Morococha District,
Yauli Province,
Junín, Peru

Size: 12cm x 5.5cm

Price: $165.00

Description:   A beautiful and rarely seen cabinet sized specimen of rhodochrosite from the lesser known Santa Rita Mine in Peru. It features gorgeous "rosette-like" aggregates of lovely baby pink orange crystals blanketing a matrix with sulfides and minor white quartz crystals. A large cabinet piece like this is rarely seen from Peru, especially with dense coverage of rhodochrosite groups on matrix. It's distinctive in form, color and appearance, but still reminds one of similar looking specimens from the San Juan Mountains of Colorado or Cavnic, Romania. From the old stock of Russ Shoemaker of Murphys, California.

Santa Rita rhodochrosites are rarely available, especially these days, as the best specimens came out in the late 1980s. This large, attractive specimen features a coverage of rhombic, beautiful soft orange-pink colored rhodochrosite crystals. A very attractive and fine quality example of this classic material from Peru.Bright electric blue fluorite crystals and crystal sections on a lustrous grouping of druzy Smoky Quartz crystals. Great color contrast and an all around beautiful specimen.